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Serve in the National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program located in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida!


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The Corps members take on a ropes course during pre-service orientation!

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NHC Florida members build lasting friendships!

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National Health Corps Florida Blog

"During my service at the Sulzbacher Center, it has become abundantly clear the consequences of complacency and evasion."
Date of Publication: 06/22/2017
Author: Snelson
"I try everyday to be the best Health Educator that I can be because, when I finally do get to put on a stethoscope, I want to be worthy and ready for the honor."
Date of Publication: 06/16/2017
Author: Snelson
"The problems with our healthcare system are diverse and widespread. How could they possibly be addressed by one project?"
Date of Publication: 06/08/2017
Author: Snelson
"Everyone who works in addiction has heard the phrase “building the plane as we fly it” at least once."
Date of Publication: 06/02/2017
Author: Snelson
"There is HOPE for a meaningful career in healthcare; don’t be afraid to go out and find it."
Date of Publication: 05/25/2017
Author: Snelson

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