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National Health Corps Florida Blog

"Altogether, Jacksonville has quickly grown on me and like for my father, has become a second home. Since I love being active and going outdoors, Jacksonville has turned out to be a great city to satisfy my need for fresh air with beautiful parks, kayak-friendly rivers, and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see."
Date of Publication: 10/17/2017
Author: Snelson
"Not only is it important for our corps to have a strong sense of unity, but a strong sense of responsibility. Through PSO, we learned about the wide range of public health issues the populations of Northeast Florida face, such as high infant mortality rates and prevalence of tobacco use. The health disparities in Jacksonville are not something that can be eliminated overnight, but are rather an issue we must slowly and deliberately address through our services."
Date of Publication: 10/13/2017
Author: Snelson
"No one is ever “too far gone,” “too emotional” or “too hard to handle” to help themselves or to be helped by you. In this case, my service ultimately led to a success"
Date of Publication: 10/06/2017
Author: Snelson
Being that September is Infant Mortality Awareness Month, organizations in Duval County have been busy spreading the word on the infant mortality rate in Jacksonville.
Date of Publication: 09/29/2017
Author: Snelson
If you're looking for.....a holistic serving-learning program that provides its members the opportunity to gain hands on professional experience in a supportive environment while serving the North Florida community through a variety of program components such as host site service, monthly group service projects, monthly in-service meetings, and committees, look no further!
Date of Publication: 08/15/2017
Author: Snelson

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